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Shots of the drawings for some of my new woodworks to get done. #ilovewood #woodlovesme
After having drawn it out a few weeks ago to now having it made is a step forward to being able to make some new work….just give me another few weeks.
Desk planning for the studio with a fold up section for more space (left section).
Studio Day drawing away. #Patterns #Shapes #Geometry
Sneaky peaky at some A3 drawings I’ve been doing lately.
"Is it worth it, let me work it, i put my thing down, flip it and reverse it."

You know it Missy.

#IFlippedAndReversedIt #Patterns #Shapes #Geometric
Pissing people off whilst drawing patterns with shapes to find shapes within shapes to draw more patterns with shapes.
#geometric #patterns #shapes #bed
A painting for @krakenvrt ready to wrap up and hand over tomorrow.

Paint me a painting mate, 2014
Oil on Board
60x80cm approx.

#Painting #Geometric #ThrowinShapes
This is a little drawing in a little book I bought yesterday drew with a little tip fine liner it did not take me little time. My first little drawing.